New website!

Finally, my new website is ready!

I never realised how much work this entails. Making a selection out of the thousands of pictures I have shot over the years is not as easy as one might think. Anyway, with the help of my wife and friend Claudia, it is finally done. As of now I am going to try to write a blog, whenever I have something to share. The funny thing about my website (and this is purely for the camarageeks amongst us) is that, apart from two photos, all photos have been taken with my little Fuji cameras. The profile photo that I am currently using is made by Mark Meisner, thanks for that Mark!

The litte but oh so fantastic machines really go well with my way of work. The motto that I identify with is to find creativity within my own limitations. This underlines the challenge to work with the fixed lens of the Fuji x100 (which I have on me almost every day).

Everyone who knows me also knows that a lot of the things I do, I do within the scope and feel of the moment itself. More often than not I have an idea of how the pictures are going to be before a shoot, but those images can easily change as I arrive on location or when I am confronted with the people around me. Then even little things can make the images in my head change.

I prefer to work with people whom I have not yet met, even for weddings. Usually people are the most real during the first few seconds you meet them. In that first window of time they show me something that I love to try and capture in my photos of them. That is why Claudia, who handles the business side of things, makes the first contact, for which I am thankful. To use a phrase of the motion picture "Jerry Maguire" with Tom Cruise in the lead: "You complete me!"