My name is Patrick Visser and am based in the Netherlands. I am married to Claudia, together we have two children.

For as long as I can remember I have taken pictures, but it is only since the last couple of years  that I am using a camera to do so. Not only do I love capturing moments with my lense, it is also a large part of me as a person; it makes me who I am. Over the last three years I have taken my photography to a professional level, so it is no longer just for my own pleasure. 

Why should you let me shoot your pictures?

Visual storytelling is my passion. Energy, ambiance and detail as well as symbolism are essential parts of the pictures I take. I love to communicate with people and make them feel at ease. First of all at ease with themselves and then secondly at ease with me and my camera. I always try to be as inconspicuous as possible. The years I spent in corporate management have taught me how to achive the best end result. This, combined with my creative input makes that my pictures become your pictures.