we are papart

We are Patrick and Amber Visser. A father and daughter who share the same love and passion for photography. This is our art.

“It’s not about staging moments, it’s about capturing the ones that are right in front of you.”

Art comes in many forms and we love them all. Photography, however, stole our hearts in a different way. It is the thing that, during the last couple of years, we bonded over. We are exactly on the same page when it comes to expressing our creativity through photography.

We want our photo’s to document the beautiful moments we see. You can look at a photograph and relive the feeling you had at that exact moment. It is real. This is why you will not see us walking around with huge cameras on your wedding day. We blend in, ready to shoot pictures of the things you will cherish the most. The little things. Like a mother helping her daughter into her dress or the tears trickling down the cheeks of the groom as he sees his stunning bride for the first time.

We are visual storytellers. We will collect your special moments and put them together in a beautiful book. Creating your very own “feel good story”. It is not about staging moments, it is about capturing the ones that are right in front of you.